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Cinema Everywhere

Non-profit initiative           

Founded in 2013 in Alexandria, Egypt

“Cinema Everywhere” organizes and manages multiple film events such as festivals, forums and film screenings.



Introducing new types of movies to the Egyptian society, types they know nothing about (independent, alternative, young filmmakers’ movies, and movies made in countries the Egyptians are not used to watch or follow).

“Cinema Everywhere” organizes screenings for all types of long and short films (fiction, experimental, documentary, animated) and experimental video arts  from all over the world, through our multiple film events.

“Cinema Everywhere” takes responsibility to fulfill the filmmakers dreams of getting their movies watched by a new audience through spreading the picture’s culture in order for the new audience to get to know this kind of movies and what ideas, aesthetics, culture and art these movies show, and what problems or issues they discuss.

“Cinema Everywhere” holds screenings in Egypt’s districts and cities because it targets constructing an audience for this kind of cinema so that in the near future, this audience goes to traditional movie theaters to watch these movies. (Target audience is the common people; not cultured, culturally deprived, marginalized and also the disabled)

“Cinema Everywhere” uses simple and available means and equipment’s which form a microcosm of the traditional movie theater, they are easy to pack and move.

Since there are no movie theaters for this kind of movies, Cinema Everywhere searches for uncultured spaces to use as alternative screening spaces. Our target is being watched in each screening by new audience who goes to these spaces, and is randomly there. Also, these spaces have to be unoccupied by any art or cultural activities. These spaces are streets, cafes, local clubs, syndicates, schools, universities, NGOs, and the disabled houses or any other space that can be turned to an alternative screening space. These alternative art spaces that we discovered and used in screenings can also be offered to any other artist to show their art.

“Cinema Everywhere” runs an interactive discussion after the movie with the target audience around these movies and this kind of cinema  to know their opinions and benefit the filmmakers and directors and also researchers in this field by letting them know the positive and negative feedback and weaknesses in their movies so that they can avoid them and develop film-making.

A message to filmmakers, producers & distributors from all over the world:

* Show your support through sending us free copies of your movies.

* All copyrights are respected.

* We take care of the gifted movie copies.

* All screenings are free.

Founder and Director of Cinema Everywhere,

Waguih El Laqany


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