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  • Cima Masr Program Directors
    Cima Masr Program Directors
  • An independent films screening program which is the  latest screening program in Cinema Everywhere Initiative, which aims to introduce the individuals of the Egyptian community , specially the culturally deprived, marginalized  and the people with special needs to new kinds of films which they know nothing about , certainly the independent – alternative cinema .
  • We will screen films of the Young Egyptian and Arab filmmakers. In “Cima Masr” Program, We will set up 20 screening events, moving through different Egyptian governorates, screening 40 short films in our program including (Short feature – Documentary – Experimental– Animation).
  • We will setup the screenings in alternative areas and spaces which have never been used before in any cultural activity. We will initiate by moving to those audiences in their normal gathering places (Local Cafes, Streets, Local Clubs, NGOs, Youth Centers and so other places).
  • We aim through our program to reach the audience to get them to know and watch this cinema which they know nothing about although it discusses a lot of their issues, problems and dreams.
  • We seek to find solutions to the obstacles and problems which face the spreading of this cinema between the audiences, like the non-availability of theatres, and the lack of publicity for it.
  • We will use simple tools and devices which emulate the screening devices and tools in theatres and which are easy to carry and to move with.  We will run discussions around the screened films to get to know the audience’s opinion about it. And then we will forward these opinions to the filmmakers because we see this will contribute in developing this cinema and building audiences for it.
  • 40 independent films directed by 40 different independent filmmakers from different Arabic countries (Jordan, Tunisia, Syria, Sudan, Mauritania, Libya, Iraq and Egypt).


  • We set up 20 screening events from February 14 , 2016 to April 1 , 2016.
  • Thanks to all filmmakers who supported the initiative by sending their films to the program “Cima Masr” to be free screened without any fees.
  • Thanks to all the individual and organizations who participated in the program.
  • Project Manager : Waguih El laqany


• February 10, 2016

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