Films from the French Cinema

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  • It’s a screening program aims to introduce French cinema to new sectors of the Egyptian audiences , and to get them to know what the French cinema expose of culture , ideas and arts ; and aims also to encourage the audience to restore the collective viewing of movies .
    Three screenings were set up in alternative areas and spaces in Alexandria . We took the French films to the people who have never seen French films before. Events were made in the areas where the audience locate normally (Local cafes & lanes , Deaf and Dumb Associations).
    We used simple tools which imitates traditional cinema screening tools and easy to carry and move with (Projectors, Led screens, Laptop)
    “Films From French Cinema” screening program .
    It was collaboration between Cinema Everywhere initiative “Cinema Fi Kol Makan” and the French Institute in Egypt.
  • Films Screened in Films from the French Cinema Program:
    1- La vieille dame et les pigeons (Animation), Directed by Sylvain Chomet
    2- Les triplettes de Belleville (Animation), Directed by Sylvain Chomet
  • Achievements
    1- For the first time in Egypt, French movies are screened in the streets and cafes. We were able to get the French Cinema to be the first European and International Cinema that has organized events in the streets and lanes of Egypt.
    2- Our target was to go for ordinary, marginalized, culturally deprived people and we reached them. Those people watched French films, and expressed their opinion around the movies they saw.
    3- Deaf and Dumb saw French movies with the existence of an interpreter. One of our goals is to get to the handicapped because they are an important sector of the Egyptian Community; and they have the right to get to know and express their opinion around those films.
    4- Audiences from different ages watched those films, Children, Youth, adults, men and women.
    5- Egyptian printed and Online Newspapers were interested in “Films from the French Cinema” screening program and praised it.
  • Project Manager: Waguih El laqany




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• August 26, 2015

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