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  • It is the fourth screening program for Cinema Everywhere Initiative “Cinema Fi Kol Makan”.
    The word “Terzo” is an Italian word means “Third” which refers to the third class theatres which were spread in slum districts in Egypt fifty years ago. The moviegoers of those theatres were low standard and poor people of these districts.
  • we chose the name “Terzo” or “Terso” for our forth program because we target the same sector of Audience who used to go to those theaters fifty years ago.
    We set up 10 screening events from 2015/4/13 to 2015/6/29 in alternative spaces and areas never have been used before in any cultural or artistic event. 24 films for young, independent, Egyptian, and Arab Filmmakers were screened including (Short Feature, documentary, Animation , and Experimental Video Arts).
  • Films Screened In Terso program :
    1. Around El Khartum (Documentary), Directed by Hassan Zarouk (Sudan).
    2. School Street (Short Feature) , Directed by RazanHashem (Sudan).
    3. The Sin (Short Feature), Directed by Samy El Galaby (Sudan).
    4. 12 Months (Short Feature), Directed by AbouMayass (Sudan).
    5. Unseen Alexandria (Documentary) , Directed by Abdullah Doustashy.
    6. Hayat (Short Feature) Directed by Islam Kamal.
    7. Bahary (Short Feature), Directed by Ahmed El Ghoneemy.
    8. El Naddaha (Documentary) , Directed by Zakareya Ibrahim.
    9. Makady (Short Feature), Directed by Mona Makram.
    10. Sidhom (Short Feature), Directed by Mina Nabil.
    11. The Last Moment (Short Feature), Directed by Aya El Adl.
    12. The End (Experimental Video Art), Directed by Maii Mustafa (Muritania).
    13. A Bride from Nubia (Documentary), Directed by Ahmed Hassouna.
    14. A Day From A Diary Of A Dress (Experimental Video Art) , Directed by Samah Hamdy.
    15. New Life (Documentary) , Directed by Ashraf Fahmy.
    16. Stories (Documentary), Directed by Abanoub Nabil.
    17. Claymation (Animation), Executed by a group of children.
    18. Dad (Short Feature), Directed by Ahmed El Samrah.
    19. People Of The River (Animation), Directed by Ahmed El Ashwah.
    20. Atef (Short Feature), Directed by Emad Maher.
    21. The Person (Short Feature), Directed by Mohamed Fathalla.
    22. Waiting (Short Feature)¸Directed by Mohamed Saadoun.
    23. Light (Short Feature), Directed by Mustafa El Agoudy (Iraq).
    24. Experience4 (Experimental Video Art), Directed By Islam Kamal .
  • Achievements
    1- We formed a partnership with a group of Young Filmmakers from Sudan (Youth’s Cinema In Sudan) , whom we met during their visit to Egypt , and We discussed with them our Vision , Goals and Strategy ; and They were interested , and they gave us a group of their production . We shared Ideas, and we agreed on collaboration to make a regional network between Us, which will be joined in the future by other Cinematic Groups from Arab Countries.
    2- We set up several screenings for Sudan’s Cinema for the first time in cafes and traditional (Popular) clubs. The Group of Filmmakers from Sudan attended the events and they saw our way of work, and our use of the non cultural spaces and areas to set up screenings in it .
    3- We set up 3 screenings, with the collaboration of Governorate of Alexandria . Where 2 were made in the street and squares of Alexandria , and One was made for the first time in a rural health unit in the outskirt of the city .
    4- We participated also with playing 4 screenings in a traditional café , Within a cultural program extending for 5 days , Organized by a cultural association in Alexandria which is Enaekas
    5- Printed and Online Newspapers were interested in the program, and they wrote about, and they were interested too in the collaboration between us and the group from Sudan.
  • Project Manager: Waguih El laqany


جريده الوطن و مقال عن سينما في كل مكان و عن تعاونها مع سينمائين من السودانscan0003

• August 26, 2015

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