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  • Cinema Everywhere Initiative “Cinema Fi Kol Makan”
    launched the first screening program under the name “Shouf Cinema” or “see Cinema”. The first Screening event was on 2013/10/31. In this program We used available simple devices because the Founder of the Initiative didn’t have money to buy or hire tools, so He used Led Screens which are available normally in local cafes and used to screen Football matches and Talk shows. Those Led screens were used as Alternative Cinema Screens. He used also his laptop and connected it to LCD screens, and Used his smartphone camera in the documentation of events done in the first program of this Initiative.
    Starting from 2013/10/31 until 2014/5/15, 40 screenings were set up in 17 non-cultural spaces never been used before in any cultural or artistic events, 55 films Including (Short Fiction, documentary, animation, and Experimental Video Arts ) for Young Independent Egyptian Filmmakers were screened.
  • 17 Events were set up in Local Cafes.
    5 Events in Nubian associations.
    9 Events in Deaf associations with the existence of an interpreter.
    4 Events in Local Clubs.
    5 Events in Social Welfare associations in poor areas.
  • Films Screened in See Cinema Program :
    1. Misunderstanding (Short Fiction), Directed by Ahmed Hany.
    2. Atef (Short Fiction) , Directed by Emad Maher.
    3. Away from Heat (Short Fiction), Directed by Mina Nabil.
    4. Zakareya (Short Fiction), Directed by Emad Maher.
    5. Stories (Documentary), Abanoub Nabil.
    6. Experience4 (Experimental Video Art), Islam Kamal.
    7. Hayat (Short Fiction), Islam Kamal.
    8. Claymation (Animation), Group of children.
    9. Music (Animation), Group of Children.
    10. Traditional Version (Short Fiction), Islam Kamal.
    11. Book of The Entry (Short Fiction), Mina Nabil.
    12. ShallyGhally (Documentary), by Islam Kamal.
    13. Final Cut (Experimental Video Art), by Islam Kamal.
    14. Also (Short Fiction), Abanoub Nabil.
    15. Dim Light (Short Fiction), By Hafez Ibrahim.
    16. Public Domain (Experimental Video Art), by Islam Kamal.
    17. Dad (Short Fiction), by Ahmed El Samrah.
    18. Rounding Square (Short Fiction), by Ahmed Hassouna.
    19. The Scream (Short Fiction), by Ahmed Hassouna.
    20. In the Human Being (Documentary), Ahmed Rashwan.
    21. Hesitation (Short Fiction), by Mony Mahmoud.
    22. Valentine (Short Fiction), by Mony Mahmoud.
    23. The Feast (Short Fiction), MonyMohamoud.
    24. The Dream Of A Bird (Short Fiction), by Mony Mahmoud.
    25. I’m A Human !! (Short Fiction), by Mohamed Mahmoud.
    26. 23, (Short Fiction), by Mony Mahmoud.
    27. Zaman (Short Fiction), by Amroush Badr.
    28. My Secret (Short Fiction), Mohamed Mahmoud.
    29. Salt Coffee (Short Fiction), by Amroush Badr.
    30. The End (Experimental Video Art), By MaiiSaleh (Mauritania).
    31. Features (Short Fiction), by Moustafa Hesham.
    32. For Sale (Short Fiction), by Ehab Moustafa.
    33. Farfoush (Short Fiction), by Ehab Moustafa.
    34. This Is Not A Pipe !! (Short Fiction), by Dina Abdel Salam.
    35. Waiting (Short Fiction), by Mohamed Saadoun.
    36. Houses (Documentary), by Mona Makram.
    37. Makady (Short Fiction), by Mona Makram.
    38. Nour (Short Fiction), by Mona Makram
    39. The Journey (Short Fiction), by Mona Makram.
    40. Mohamed Escapes from Water (Docu-Drama), Directed By Safaa Fathy (France).
    41. Maybe (Short Fiction), by Hossam El Azzazy.
    42. Control (Short Fiction), by Sarah Noufal.
    43. The Yellow Giant (Documentary), by Sarah Noufal.
    44. Colours (Documentary), by Sarah Noufal.
    45. This Is Me !! (Short Fiction), by Sarah Noufal.
    46. Life and Hereafter (Short Fiction), by Khaled Khella.
    47. The Story Is (Short Fiction), by Younis Hosni.
    48. Good Fault (Animation), by Moamen Abdel Salam.
    49. What Next !! (Short Fiction), by Shady Aly.
    50. Next Morning (Short Fiction), Ahmed Rashawn.
    51. Match (Short Fiction), Mohamed Tito.
    52. Bahary (Short Fiction), Ahmed El Ghoneemy.
    53. The Sea Star (Short Fiction), Ahmed Abdel Kader.
    54. Grita (Experimental Video Art), by Ahmed Hassouna.
    55. Warning !! (Short Fiction), Directed by Ahmed Abdel Rahim.
  • Achievements
    – For the first time in Egypt, Screenings for independent cinema are organized in cafes and NGOs and local clubs.
    – Our target was to go for ordinary, marginalized, culturally deprived people, and we reached them. Those people watched films and videos that they had no idea about and expressed their opinion around the movies they saw.
    – Deaf and Dumb watched independent films and Experimental video arts with the existence of an interpreter. One of our goals is to get to the handicapped because they are an important sector of the Egyptian Community; and they have the right to get to know and express their opinion around those films.
    – Audiences from different ages watched those films, Children, Youth, adults men, and women.
    – Many Printed and Online Newspapers, local and regional Arabic television media programs were interested in the program.
    – Many Filmmakers and copyright owners trusted Us and sent their films for free for Us to screen. And here We need to thank the Founders of Figleaf Studio, the Director Islam Kamal, and the Director Mark Lotfy, The first who helped Us when we explained to them the idea of our Initiative and gave us the first 10 independent films produced by Figleaf Studios.
    – Lots of Filmmakers encouraged us in many situations and through Newspapers and Social Networks.
    – Many volunteers from young artists joined the initiative and assisted in documentation, organizing, and technical works.
  • Project Manager : Waguih El laqany
  • جريده الاهرام و مقال عن سينما في كل مكان
    جريده الاهرام و مقال عن سينما في كل مكان
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  • جريده المصري اليوم و مقال عن سينما في كل مكان
    جريده المصري اليوم و مقال عن سينما في كل مكان
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  • جريده الوطن و مقال عن سينما في كل مكان .
    جريده الوطن و مقال عن سينما في كل مكان .
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• August 26, 2015

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